Welcome to the Czechoslovak Evangelical Mission!

Our main purpose is to share the Word of God throughout the world by means of the internet and printed page in several languages.  Your prayers and financial support helps us to achieve this goal.  We receive letters and emails from many parts of the world in which people tell us how they were helped and blessed by our ministry.  Many request more tracts and English Bibles. Your gifts help make this distribution possible.

Currently over 3,800,000 of our tracts witness about our Saviour and Lord Jesus in 80 countries. Some are translated into 20 languages. Please click on the contact page for the appropriate distributor.

Christian tracts are very practical tools for spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We may give them to others or take them door to door, or mail them to people in another city, province or country. Many individuals have been wonderfully saved, helped, strengthened and blessed because someone gave them a gospel tract. Another practical aspect of tract ministry is that you may use them many times over again.

Please continue to uphold us in your prayers and by finances. Thank you.

Prayerfully Yours,

Rev. J. Novak
Founder and President of the Czechoslovak Evangelical Mission
1601 Bramsey Drive
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada  L5J 2H8

Tel. (905) 822-8808